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Strengthening shampoo (HIT)

Strengthening shampoo (HIT)

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Stop the fall! Hit wants to make its intentions clear: It is an
anti-hair loss shampoo enriched with strengthening active ingredients that increase density, elasticity and reduce hair loss. Its innovative formula strengthens the hair follicle and prevents accelerated hair loss. Factors such as stress, seasonal changes, hormonal alterations and diet trigger inflammatory responses that accelerate hair loss.


Spirit with its 4 natural regenerating technologies and its high content of baicalin, ginko biloba and hydrolysed proteins stimulates hair growth. It works by controlling the percentage of hair in the catagen and telogen phase, promoting balanced renewal during the 3 phases of hair growth.

100 grams | Shampoo without sulphates, silicones and parabens | Suitable for pregnant women | Cruelty free and vegan | 100% natural ingredients

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