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MELLOW Puryfing Serum

MELLOW Puryfing Serum

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We have the non-comedogenic face serum you've been looking for. Mellow is everything your oily-prone skin needs. It provides the balance you're looking for, protecting your skin from irritation without compromising on hydration. Its formula combines Nelupure plant technology based on lotus flower, coenzyme Q10, amber acid and plant extracts of lemon, sage and burdock. In addition to moisturising the skin, it acts as a sebum regulator, visibly improving texture and reducing the number of active sebaceous glands, mattifying and attenuating ''imperfections'' as well as inflammation, blackheads and whiteheads. A more balanced, even, luminous and smooth skin is possible with Mellow.


30 ml | Vegan | Cruelty free | Oily and combination skin | Non-comedogenic and oil free | Light texture | Suitable for pregnant women | Day and night serum | Day and night serum

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