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Fruit Conditioner 3 in 1

Fruit Conditioner 3 in 1

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Fruit, the 3-in-1 hair treatment that will become your best ally to achieve incredibly nourished, shiny and frizz-free hair.
And if we talk about sensations? It acts with great delicacy, does not weigh down and is super light on your hair. Its solid format combines an ultra-beneficial triple action for your hair, you can use it as a conditioner, mask and serum without rinsing. Its formula with 100% natural ingredients without silicones, sulphates or parabens, incorporates natural fortifying active ingredients such as pea protein that prevent frizz, nourish, add volume and repair hair from damage caused by external agents.

50 grams | Vegan formula | Suitable for pregnant women | Suitable for sensitive scalps | Compostable packaging

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